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Taddy Digest is a website for homeowners, technicians, contractors, and students who want to learn more about HVAC.


From the Mind of the Mentor, Taddy is a Social Media influencer that uses facts rather than flair to present information to his 60,000+ subscribers. His content ranges from music, HVAC work, tips and tricks to motivational speaking and healthy living. He enjoys learning new things and showing others how they can better their lives.

As a successful businessman, Taddy has taken the core ethic of entrepreneurship combined with the American dream to create a philosophy that he shares with others. His unique style and personality has grown his online influence, making a difference.

Along the way Taddy has made both partnerships and connections with different businesses that he  personally supports, and shares those relationships with on this website. Please check out some of the Taddy Partners and support their efforts as well.

Here are a few Playlists you can enjoy on his YouTube Channel:

  • Motivational Talks for life and business
  • Hilarious/Funny thoughts and adventures
  • Tips for HVAC Technicians
  • Tips for Homeowners
  • Taddy’s Music
  • Aquaponics
  • Hemp
  • Animals and Nature

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